• 11 Wedding Inspiration for Your Mexican Destination Wedding

    So you are planning your destination wedding in Mexico and you need some wedding inspiration? Congratulations, you have chosen a country with dozens of cities and towns that are beautiful back drops for your wedding day whether it be on the beach, in the mountains, a historical town or large city.  There must be something special that drew you and your fiance to this country in particular, so why not let it inspire your actual wedding day? We have compiled a list of ways that you can let Mexico inspire your destination wedding that are far more interesting (and less stereotypical) than Margaritas and Sombreros!

    1) Alcohol

    You can be sure that guests will expect to be offered tequila at some point during your celebrations. Now we aren’t suggesting that you deprive them of the margarita that they have been craving since they received your wedding invitation but why not give them something that they don’t expect? Mezcal is another Mexican alcohol made from Agave that has been rising in popularity by leaps and bounds in the last couple of years and can now be found in trendy restaurants all over the US and Canada as well as Mexico. Mezcal can be mixed into fruity cocktails or sipped from the traditional candle holder- yes, like the little glass cylinders that are home to your tea lights and votives! If you don’t think that your guests will jump to order Mezcal from the bar try offering it in one of your Signature Cocktails or set up a Mezcal tasting table. Don’t forget the orange slices  that Mezcal’s smokey flavor calls for instead of the lime that you serve with tequila!



    Photos Courtesy of Soko Sandoval & Josef Kandoll respectively

    Agua Fresca (fruit waters) are also a great non-alcoholic way to refresh your guests with Mexican flair.


    Photos Courtesy of The Dazzling Details (by Michelle Turner and Soko Sandoval Respectively)


    We bet that you are thinking guacamole and salsa with tortilla chips. There is no reason not to include your favorite Mexican foods during your wedding celebration but try serving them at your rehearsal dinner if it will be more casual than your main event. For your wedding day switch things up to include some traditional Mexican ingredients or dishes that are a little more elegant and have your guests try something new.  Some of our favorites are Agave, Huitlacoche, Flor de Calabaza and Achiote. Our Tacos Huitlacoche hors d’oeuvres are colorful little bites topped with Crunchy Pickled Vegetables that you wouldn’t dare compare to the local taco stand. We marinate our Sea Bass entree in Achiote (along with Miso and Orange juice) which gives it amazing color and a slight peppery flavor.

    005.png 006.png

    Photos Courtesy of Plush Catering (by Michael Amici and Plush Respectively)

    3) Colors

    If you picture a Mexican town in your head there is no doubt that you see a range of colors. Mexico has always been known for bright, bold colors which you can see everywhere from store fronts to clothing. If you had a classic rose and gold soirée in mind then this suggestion isn’t for you but if you are up for adding some classic Mexican colors to your wedding day it will feel even more festive. Think bright flowers or traditionally painted decor seen in these photos.

    008.png 007.png

    Photos courtesy of Mishka Designs (by Elizabeth Lloyd and Soko Sandolval Respectively)

    4)Patterns & Materials

    Mexico’s colors are memorable there is no doubt about that but so are some of our traditional patterns. Even if you don’t want to have your wedding in full color you can add in some talavera plates in blue and white, painted clay details like these for cocktail hour or patterned accent pillows or table runners.

    009.png010.pngPhotos Courtesy of Mishka Designs (by Elizabeth Lloyd and Soko Sandoval Respectively)

    5) Ceremony

    Whether or not you or your fiance have Mexican routes you can adopt a Mexican wedding ceremony tradition or two without your guests thinking that you’ve made a turn for the weird. Many cultures have a ceremony tradition similar to the Mexican Lasso so it could be the perfect way to blend some Mexican inspiration into your big day. The lasso is typically purchased by a set of “padrinos” similar to brides maids and groomsmen and then placed on the couples shoulders during the ceremony to signify unity. Or let your arch or hoopah take on a Mexican feel like this custom made beauty with Papel Picado sides and hand painted glass detail.

    011 LassoAmici

    Photos Courtesy of Mishka Designs (by Elizabeth Lloyd and Michael Amici respectively)

    6) Performance

    Everyones idea of wedding entertainment is different but if you like the idea of a performance that your guests can watch at some point during the festivities this might be for you. A traditional dance performance by a local dance troop is beautiful, interesting and can keep your guests entertained while the musicians take a break or they wait for dinner to be served.  We highly recommend the local Grupo Folklorico Vallarta Azteca. As an added bonus you can take photos with the troop after they perform, now that is a great souvenir!

    013 014

    Photos of Plush Events by Hardy Wilson of & Julien Leveau respectively

    7) Music

    Have you heard of Mariachi? If you are planning a destination wedding in Mexico we bet that you have! Mariachi groups are traditional at Mexican weddings and hired fairly frequently to liven up destination affairs as well. Their uniforms and unique sound can bring just the right amount of Mexico to your cocktail hour. If you are looking to use them in a more traditional manner then try hiring them for the last hour of your reception instead of having them kick off right after your ceremony. In Mexico we know that the party is almost over when the mariachi arrive and it’s a great way to end your celebration with a bang!

    015 016

    Photos of Plush Events (by Hardy Wilson and Michelle Turner Respectively)

    8) Location

    You are probably thinking about the beach right now which, to be honest, is where many of the weddings in the bay plan take place.  However, there are many gorgeous locations that lend more to old Mexico that could be right for your wedding day.  Check out local Haciendas. These buildings used to be enormous homes owned by weathly individuals but many of them have been since turned into hotels or villas where you can hold your ceremony and host your guests. The beauty of the structures alone allows you to save on decoration and they make perfect backdrops for your photo session.

    017 018

    Photos of Plush Events both by Michelle Turner

    Click here to see more of this wedding.

    9) Picture Props

    If you are planning a Mexican inspired getaway for your guests and prefer to leave the ideas above out of your actual wedding day we have another suggestion for you. Photo booth props!  Buy some sombreros and maracas that you can place out of the way in the photo booth where they won’t mix with the decor that doesn’t match with them. We can pretty much guarantee that your friends and family will have a blast taking silly photos with inexpensive ítems that you can find in a local market or shop.

    019 020

    Photos Courtesy of Mishka Designs (by Elizabeth Lloyd and Soko Sandoval Respectively)

    10) Gifts

    You have probably come across those adorable little tequila bottles as gifts if you spend time looking at destion weddings online but there are tons of other fun gifts that you can give your guests that aren’t quite that typical. How about milagros from San Miguel de Allende, blown glass shot glasses from Tonala or custom made maracas?

    021 022

    Photos from Plush Events (by Soko Sandoval) and Mishka Designs Respectively

    If you aren’t planning on giving each guest a gift what about something that oozes Mexican beauty for your bridesmaids?

    023 024 025

    Photos courtesy of Erica Maree

    11) The Sweet Stuff

    Last but not least- dessert!  You can serve up some sweet Mexican favorites that your guests might even know from home like Paletas which are posicles made from fresh fruit, raspados which are like snow cones or churros, which are by far our most popular late night snack, served with chocolate and cajeta sauces.

    026 027

    Photos courtesy of Vallarta Food Tours

    Or let your Baker be inspired by Mexican designs or colors if you want to serve a more traditional dessert.

    028 029

    Photos courtesy of Mishka Designs and Plush Events respectively (both by Soko Sandoval)

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    Local Businesses: Erica Maree (dresses & purses) and Vallarta Food Tours 

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