• Daddy’s Little Girl

    I guess Father’s Day gets everyone feeling pretty nostalgic and sentimental about their dad and as a definite “daddy’s girl”, I’m no different.  There’s just something special about the father/daughter relationship and it’s never more apparent than at a wedding.

    When you plan your wedding, Moms get to take center stage (for better or worse) helping with the wedding dress, giving her input and suggestions for the reception and throwing bridal showers and such.  But when the wedding comes?  Mother-of-the-bride takes a backseat to Father-of-the-bride every time.

    Even if you manage to get though watching a proud father walk his daughter down the aisle without tearing up, unless you’re a serious ice princess, the father/daughter dance will get your mascara running for sure.

    So why?  Why are we so sentimental about our fathers?  Maybe it’s because it’s such a unique relationship within our families.  None of the jealously or competitiveness that happens with our siblings, and sometimes our moms, is present in our relationships with our dads.  Or maybe it’s because no matter how old you get, you always still remain a little girl to your dad.

    Whatever it is that makes your dad special to you, make sure to celebrate him this Father’s Day with a gesture, large or small, which lets him know you love him.  And remember, neckties are never appropriate.

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