• Authentically Mexican: The Cuisine of Jalisco

    I’ve always loved Mexican food so it was kind of surprising to move to Mexico and discover that I’d actually never really eaten it.  The “authentic” Mexican restaurants I’d been to….I mean, the signs on the bathrooms said “Mujeres” and “Hombres” so it seemed pretty official….that served up massive burritos slathered with sour cream and cheddar cheese are nowhere to be found in Mexico.  But what I found instead was an amazing diverse and delicious cuisine, especially here in the state of Jalisco which is arguably one of the most traditional regions of Mexico.


    What makes the food here so delicious is the abundance of fresh products.  Produce, fish, shellfish, meat, cheeses and spices are all locally grown and harvested here.  And when Spanish settlers came to the region they introduced wheat, olive oil, rice and wine (thank you, Spaniards!) to the Mexican diet.  This fusion of cuisines and ingredients has made Mexican cuisine one of the most extensive and nuanced cuisines in the world.

    One of my favorite meals in Puerto Vallarta that I’m pretty sure is never going to make it onto a Taco Bell menu anytime soon is the Jalisco specialty of pozole.  Imagine a huge bowl filled with pork or sometimes chicken, hominy, and stock and topped with chopped onion, salsa, sliced radishes and chunky sea salt.  Delicious!

    Or birria tacos which are made from goat….yes, I said it…and marinated overnight in beer, chilies and other spices.  I promise if you try one, you’ll order another.

    If you’re feeling nervous about trying some new foods, especially now that I mentioned the goat, maybe get a little liquid courage by way of another specialty created right here in the state of Jalisco….tequila!  It’s always a great accompaniment to the true cuisine of Mexico.


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